S.I.B – Letter To The PM

S.I.B – Letter To The PM


The controversial track by rapper S.I.B, a serious side to his songwriting and rapping. S.I.B shows that he can represent asian rappers as mainstream material interms of music and video quality. ‘Letter To The PM’ relates to every person and every issue in the UK, an awareness of the problems in british society and a message to the Prime Minister.

Fully involved in the music and video production of this song and featuring the young and talented vocals of Ollie Sloan.
With a touch of asian influence, this track is truly and undoubtebly what we call todays mainstream uk rap which takes it that extra mile in terms of songwriting, style and creativity.

A powerful and emotional track from S.I.B which will get you writing your own opinions if you ever had the chance to send a letter to the PM.

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