Shugga Shane’s Latest Freestyle – “Cut Her Off”


This man’s one of the most hardest working rappers out there. He hustles hard, he works hard, he records music almost all the time, AND when he’s too busy to drop a new single, he drops a new freestyle. Know who I’m talking about? Well, of course you do, the title of this article gave it away. I’m talking about Shugga Shane. Shugga Shane’s back with a brand new freestyle for the world to enjoy while he works on even more music!

This west coast artist from the Crown Fam is a true artist, and so is his crew. Crown Fam’s recent single – Believe Me – showcased the collective artists’ skills, and it was also a nice message to their fan base that they’re working hard to create new products at all times.

Check out this new freestyle, and learn more from the artist by clicking here.

Shugga Shane – Cut Her Off

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