Shugga Shane’s Anticipated “L.A. Kings” Mixtape Released!

ShuggaShane - LAKings
Shugga Shane’s much anticipated mixtape – L.A. Kings – dropped today and it’s dope as hell. The hype for this album is huge, and has some of his most talked about singles. Some singles that he already released include H.I.T.S., Ridin’, Hands on your Knees, and a couple of others, all of which got thousands of Listens on and his networks. We knew we had to post up his mixtape as soon as it dropped!

I’ve been listening to L.A. Kings on repeat as soon as I got my hands on it. Shugga Shane stamped his unique style throughout the mixtape, droppin’ venomous lyrics on every beat. His flow’s impeccable, and as a Hip Hop fan, I can see how far Shugga Shane has come in his career. I remember his works of art back in the day, and over the years his grind did not slow down. Now, years later, he’s a pro on the mic ready to take sh!t over! Don’t believe me? Click play below, and you’ll know exactly what I’m yappin’ about. Some of my favorite songs in L.A. Kings – H.I.T.S, Ridin, Hands on Your Knees, West $ide Money, Pourin’ Up, H&M, The Buddha, Pound Cake (Freestyle).

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Listen to Shugga Shane’s “L.A. Kings” Mixtape

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