Shots Fired! Pakarmz, KhanArtists, & J Wad Call Out Desi Artists


New York – the birth place of Hip Hop – has always been a hub of artists reppin’ real Hip Hop. From the beginning, it’s almost like NY rap heads feel the need to be loud about the difference between the real and the fake (except some who have no idea what real Hip Hop is – yeah, I know some of them very well).

In this track, these 4 New York rappers linked up on Nicki Minaj’s ‘Truffle Butter’ beat to call out the real from the fake – in their perspective. As a true unbiased Hip Hop fan, I’d say the song is full of dope east coast flows – which I enjoyed thoroughly. But, Rebel from KhanArtists took the opportunity to call out some Desi rappers in the song. My official response to that is “No Comment”. We expect to see Unity Through Hip Hop on Desi Hip Hop, but who doesn’t like seeing a little bit of harmless drama, right? Check it out below, what do you think?

PakArmz – Thinkin’ Out Loud (ft. Rebel & Syckz of KhanArtists and J Wad)

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