Shizzio Knows ‘You’re A Star’

Shizzio has teamed up with Tigerstyle again and this time the guys have created the track “You’re a Star.” The new single features Nikitta and has been matched with a clean music video.

We see Shizzio wearing crisp blazers, a fitted cap, and taking his street level to a new level of class. With a Burban movement under his wing, Shizzio is making sure that as he is a brand ambassador he keeps the look sleek.

When Shizzio worked with Tigerstyle for the first time, they created “I Swear” and the song became an anthem. Hoping to make the same impact with “You’re a Star,” it’s now up to the fans to support the track and this movement.

Burban is U.K. Desi Hip-Hop and Urban artists’ rebellion to the term Urban Desi which was given by media. The term has excluded the rappers and emcees and now with the Burban movement they are hoping to get the respect they deserve.