Shizzio Captivates The U.K. in a Burban Movement


Enough is Enough”! according to the Desi Hip-Hop artists in the U.K. and they have launched their Burban campaign. “Urban Desi is Dead…welcome to Burban!”

U.K. rappers and urban acts are not happy with the media labeling them as “Urban Desi” acts, so Shizzio is rallying the industry’s sickest underrated acts to create a change.

The Burban (Brown Urban) movement started on Saturday, October 1 at the Brit Asia Awards. The Burban artists put up a huge performance in which they not only performed their biggest tracks of the year, but also showed unity.

Shizzio was seen alongside, Menis, Metz’n’Trix, Kazz Kumar, RKZ, Swami Baracus, Kee, Raxstar, Desi Boome, KanDman, PMG, and the list continues to go on.

As the U.K. catches wind of the Burban movement we all recognize that Desi acts who embody the Hip-Hop lifestyle need a platform to thrive on and media to pay them some respect.

Big up Shizzio on making moves!