‘Shay On The Beat’ remixes Pharrell’s “Lucky”


Shay On The Beat – AO’s right hand man & producer – has been releasing steady music for a really long time! His experience shows well through his music. In this remix of Pharrell Williams’ “Lucky”, Shay took the song in a different direction and made it his own. If you enjoy good music, this one should get your heart racing and ready to go.

So far, the producer has released numerous remixes and original music. He’s also produced all of AO’s music, and I already know that y’all enjoy AO’s work. Shay was also the man behind the beats for AO’s “What It Is” and “Off Top”This producer clearly knows what he’s good at and repeatedly creates bangers that everyone enjoys.

AO – What It Is | Produced by ‘Shay On The Beat’