Shade is a producer, MC and singer of South Asian ethnicity. He was born and raised in Seattle and it’s metropolitan area. The region’s culture became a beacon through which he was introduced to numerous styles of music which led him to developing his own around the turn of the millenium.

Initially he used writing therapeutically. This combined with his lifestyle led him to becoming an mc. Now, using his writing for his music has developed him a reputation for producing music with a unique hip hop, hip house and r&b sound at times fused with Bollywood and south Asian type compositions.

In late 2002 he and then associate Bonez’1 put together an album released independently on the streets of Seattle in 2003 titled Shade & Bonez’1 – Stay Connected. As his musical talents advanced he moved forward being one of the founding members of the group Nasha. He than put music on hold and finished his higher education at Washington State University, upon completion he began his solo music career.