Sat Sandhu

Sat Sandhu is an Indian-French singer, songwriter, and composer born on April 29th, 1988 in Paris. His family originally comes from Punjab.

After getting his Baccalaureate in Science, Sat Sandhu began studying physics as he toyed with the idea of becoming a teacher. Teaching seemed to be his path as he always enjoyed helping his cousins understand physics and chemistry.

When he was 16 years old, Sat Sandhu began to teach himself to dance. He has mastered the new generation of Bhangra that mixes the dance of Punjab with contemporary music styles. In 2005, he created his own dance company called Bhangra Shaan Punjab Di.

Two years later, he started teaching himself to play the Dhol and went to the United Kingdom for a short time to learn the basics from his cousin who happens to be a Dhol player.

Back in France, he passed on his skills to the members of his dance company and continued to practice. These efforts were aimed at improving the quality of his shows.

In 2001, in order to control all stages of the creative process, Sat Sandhu founded his own production company: STAR FIRE PRODUCTION. It is one of only a handful in France to produce Indian music.

In 2009, he decided to sing Bhangra but as there was no Punjabi singing teacher in France, he spent a short time in the United-Kingdom to take lessons there. He continued his personal practicing upon his return to France.

While becoming a singer had never been a childhood dream of Sat Sandhu’s, he did enjoy pretending to sing like his idols at this period. He gave up his studies after earning a 2-year degree in Physics. He decided to fully devote himself to his singing career.

“Dil Dhak Dhak (My Heart Goes Boom Boom),” was Sat’s first single. It was written by his father Sukhbir Singh Sandhu. The story goes that one day Sat Sandhu found a notebook written in Punjabi, by his father in 1979 while he was in Iran.

The notes are the outline of a poem that gave him the idea of writing a song so he asked his father to help him. Indeed, his father is passionate about writing: he is recognized as a writer and a talented journalist among those of his generation. The Punjabi vocabulary of the song was adapted so that people of all generations might understand it.

Sat Sandhu combines the Bhangra dance with street dance moves in the video which is set in a French setting. Being a perfectionist, he took some acting lessons to master various gazes.

Sat’s second single, “Boom Boom,” was co-written by the singer and his father, and enchants the audience with its lyrics, a colorful combination of Punjabi and English terms. The rhythm gets you from the very first notes. The video-clip invites viewers to plunge into a world of celebration and joy.

The originality of Sat Sandhu lies in his new songs that combine elements from his culture of origin with a French Touch.

Sat regards his work as an art. He says: “Art is another world, a world of magic”. The artist’s ambition is to bring happiness to people through festive songs that make you want to t