Sache Khiladi – Adro (Music Video)


sache khiladi adro mumbais finest

Bombay has been witnessing an epidemic. Adro was the last patient to be diagnosed with the infection of ,”Keep it real“.

The, Mumbai Finest member has put out why he is a true player a.k.a sache khiladi. Adro has had a relatively quite year and seemed to be consumed in other projects. I was able to speak to him and he said that the video and audio were done quickly, within a span of 2 days.

Adro says it openly :

“Dost hai kum aur dushman hazaar,
andhi hai duniya aur na hai koi pyaar”

In current times, the above spoken words are true and is reflected in the whole song if you listen to it closely. Regardless feel free to drop your feedback