Sabsa Bada Rupaiya – Alee Houston ft. Bali Desi Rapper


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Alee Houston is back with “Sabsa Bada Rupaiya” ft. Bali Desi Rapper!  Mansoor Ali Khan aka Alee Houston, was discovered in 2011 by DJ Statik who struck a recording contract with Gt Mayne FM 97.9 radio Houston TX and Future from Atlanta on a song called Go Harder in Hindi/Urdu. Alee’s first full studio release ‘Paisa Paisa’, was released on August 7th, 2011 and has since received similar success; it had a great response from the Underground Rap world in the United States. His last release “Vo Ladki” ft Naina set the stage for this latest project, “Sabsa Bada Rupaiya” ft. Bali Desi Rapper.

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Bali Desi Rapper – aka Hasnain Brohi, moved to the US from Karachi, Pakistan at an early age. Dedicated and driven by his passion for music, Bali fell in love with hip hop music and has been one of the leading advocates for Urdu hiphop. Few artists possess the skills and unwavering dedication to their craft and Bali has proven consistently that he is the one to beat. Bali has a fan base which has seen explosive growth from Houston, TX to the Indian subcontinent. Urdu hiphop is on the rise and on pace to become one of the leading mediums in modern South Asian music.