Sabotage Raises Awareness with ‘Reunited’

Sabotage in a rapper who hails from the U.K. and has stirred up emotions with his music time and time again. His new song “Reunited”¬†is no¬†different as it is a direct reflection of a hardship Sabotage is currently faced with.

A week or so ago, Sabotage’s cousin and uncle were both kidnapped at gun point by armed militants in Pakistan. He has written this song as

Sabotage and his cousin

a means of raising awareness of the kidnapping. Sabatoge hope that the song reaches far and wide so he can obtain any information on his family’s whereabouts.

Sabotage says, “This song is dedicated to them; we hope and pray that you come home soon and come home safe Inshallah (God willing).” With the support of Arjun on the song and friends spreading the message, is praying for the well being and safe return of Sabotage’s cousin and uncle.