Saari Raat by D Soldierz


I still remember the time when i used to listen a song called ‘Paisa Bolda’ by B.I.R in my first ever bought mobile Nokia 2700’s Music Player. That time i did not have much access to internet. One of my friends and a huge HipHop fan shared that song with me. That was the time i got to know about D Soldierz.

D Soldierz, a RnB/HipHop crew from Delhi streets was one of the famous HipHop crew back in 2009. Since then they have been giving hits to their fans. D soldierz’ song ‘Facebook Girl’ featuring Magik Eleven, O Pozitive and B.I.R was a biggest hit of Underground. But now B.I.R is no more a part of D Soldierz, he works independently and D Soldierz is also no more a Underground HipHop Crew, They’ve joined commercial music with their brand new music video ‘Saari Raat’ featuring Magic Eleven and O Pozitive from their brand new album RE-EVOLUTION. In early 2012 they introduced Harjinder Singh aka “HeartBeat”, a new member to the crew who is the official Music Producer of D Soldierz.


D Soldierz emerged on the Indian Music Scene by independently releasing several English-Punjabi underground tracks in the genre of Dance, HipHop & R&B which included 2 mixtapes “Six Men Army” & “Real Dreamz”

Saari Raat by D Soldierz

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