R@PLU$T – Thou Shall Know! Music Video

R@PLU$T – Thou Shall Know!

The idea to pen down “Thou Shall Know!” came when R@PLU$T was furious of some fellow rappers who tried to tarnish his image by spreading rumors about his nature. 1 of his good rapper friend told him that instead of taking out frustration on social media, he should go ahead & express it through his work. And that’s what he did, the thing he does the best – Rap.

In the 1st verse, R@PLU$T states that despite all the accolades he has achieved & despite all the quality output he has delivered to date, he is little confused as to why his work hasn’t gone viral yet? He suspects bad word of mouth by some jealous competitors. He states that those few of them have developed pre notions about him without even having spent time with him. He also phrases about some young college going kids, who have just started rapping but have developed ego & ill attitude toward their seniors/pioneers in the game (in this case R@PLU$T, who started off rapping back in 2003, probably when these kids watched Cartoon network).

In the 2nd verse, R@PLU$T goes berzerk in his native tongue (Hindi) with crisp flow. He mocks those rappers who just spit fast in trashy lyrics in order to attract the audience without focusing on the essence of Hip-Hop – Meaningful message.

Finally, in the 3rd verse, R@PLU$T pens down his recent personal experiences. Because of the ill rapport of Indian rappers in the society, due to trashy lyrics by some mainstream artists, R@PLU$T had tough time getting gigs despite his proficiency in the art. Club owners often denied him the opportunity because he is a “Rapper”. R@PLU$T also shows the contrast in the way these Indian club managers handle artist of other genre & that of Hip-Hop.

Through several bars in this video, R@PLU$T has pointed out those attitude filled Rappers who don’t even acknowledge the love & respect they get from their fans. He is unhappy because a person should remain humble no matter what level he reaches. But it seems like minor fame has hit some of these rappers in the head already, which is not good for Desihiphop.

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