Royal Bengal Mob – RBM – takes it to the streets with ‘Ami Jani K?’

Royal Bengal MobRBM is a group of  young MCs  from Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Young , wild and absolutely talented 4 individual artists – Sadat, BSB , G-Thug and Two- A  and Nizam Rabby – gathered  together and formed RBM. Their unique delivery style and ‘word play’ skills separate them from other artists.


G-Thug and Two-A , they knows the struggle of being a rap artists. They have experienced it all throughout the times.  They have seen people, who never really appreciated their efforts as well as their music sense. But they hold it together, didn’t give up , and continued doing what they are supposed to do which is making good intellectual bangla hiphop.  And as we all know that hard work never lets you down, just like that today RBM has made their own individual identity in BD HIP HOP industry by their dedicated hard work and brilliant team work as a crew.

Watch RBM – Ami Jani K?

Beat done by Tuff BD and Sound Engineering done by  – Abir Ahmed

In this track they focused on those people who never really appreciated their struggle through the times. Now RBM is one of the youngest and most well known  crews in Bangladesh. And its pissing Two-A and G-thug right off when they see support from the same people who hated on them in the past. Two-A made an attempt to make a statement through his verse that RBM does not require fake appreciation now. They go on to express in the song that they want to move forward with good music and their hard work, dedication, and ambition. They also hope for real appreciation from their fans, which they always cherish.


RBM also kicked off their first official DHH CYPHER Series, where they showcased some of the illest flows in the continent – don’t believe me? Click, and check it out for yourself!  RBM wants to make a shout out to all their brother hood from Dhaka, Khilgaon area. Also they wanna shout out to  Nizam Rabby #BanglarBagh and special thanks to team 

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