‘Royal Bengal Mob’ Kicks Off #DHHCyphers Series!

Royal Bengal Mob features emcees with some of the sickest Bengali flows, and what better way to announce their crew other than to  kick off #DHHCyphers on DesiHipHop.com?

In the cypher video below, these rappers took charge and ripped up the beat with their lyricism, and their sick flows. From the first emcee till the last, I had it bumpin’ loud enough to wake up the neighbors. The rappers involved in Royal Bengal Mob are Two A, Bappy, G-Thug, Sadat, and Nizam Rabby. The rappers really showcased their talents on the beat, and they made it really difficult to choose which verses were my favorite. Check it out below, and let us know your favorite verse!

Watch the Royal Bengal Cypher – #DHHCYPHERS

Video & Audio works by Niloy Mr. Prod & Abir Ahmed.
Exclusively Released through DesiHipHop.com, in Association with Planet Hip Hop 101.6FM

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We’re proud to announce this new Hip Hop Video series featuring some of the DOPEST Desi Emcees all over the globe. To showcase the talents of Desi Emcees & rappers, we’re officially launching the #DHHCyphers series, and we believe that the most talented will shine through it. This series will feature cypher videos from artists, and will also feature a full on Cypher competitions to be launched very soon. Stay posted with us on Facebook, and on DesiHipHop.com for further details on #DHHCyphers