RKZ’s ‘Gonna Be That’ Gets Burban Remix

RKZ has taken his single “Gonna Be That” and given it a Burnam Remix. The new release features AC, Swami Baracus, Menis, Lost Souljah, Raxstar, and Kaly.

In his press release, RKZ describes the song. “The record envelops the sense of belonging, strong-hold, talent and power, forcing its way through barriers of oppression, scepticism and stereotyping,” RKZ shares, “This has always been a problem with youth culture, and specifically, Hip Hop culture. To be an ASIAN rapper on top of that, comes so many more obstacles that one would normally face. ”

With rappers from across London and New York, “Gonna Be That (Burban Remix)” brings us not only a great track, but also an impressive collaboration of unity.