Riz1 – Trinity

Riz1 drops “Trinity”, a promotional mixtape featuring artists from Bangladesh, India and USA blending different cultures, sounds, styles, subjects and production from DJ Riz1, Dee Corter, Rated PG and more……

Riz1(Rizwan): A composer/beat boxer/ graphics designer/Human Being and hustler from Bangladesh . 2008 is the year he heard few hip-hop albums by particular crew’s and his dream was working with them under one name, and that’s TRINITY. After lot of hard work, plans, ideas he is finally able to capture them in a one tape!!!

Blazin Annex: Straight out from NY, representing Bangla/ English Hip Hop. They are back with a brand new track after their second studio album BUMP YOUR STEREO. The main stream crew blazin annex started in 2005…and now is known as the only crew in NYC that produces in their own built studio. Members : Dee Corter , Banggully , I Sick And Ah Murda

The Cosmics: They are a duo of young rappers who also double as songwriters from New York; the artists go by Rupee-G and Mib. Fans of rap music from young age, The Cosmics are one of the first duos rapping in Bengali and English from New York. Rupee G, the founder, grew up surrounded by music and absorbed everything he heard. Their style of music took turn about a year after the release of Bapre Bap when they met the well-known Producer Singer, Songwriter Rated PG.
Rated PG: Is a Singer, Songwriter, Producer, and entrepreneur living in New York City and making music for the world to hear. He is originally from Bangladesh and has produced two mainstream hip-hop albums in the Bangladesh music industry. After facing success back in the eastern front, he’s aiming to let ‘Bombs Away’ at home in America’s Eastern Front – New York City.

DVS (Devious): Based out of United States, DVS are finally Back after their 1st studio album “OPARER KOLOROB” produced by Double R. And now they are back with a CLUB BANGER that will keep you on your feet!

Karnage: He is a solo artist, based out of Bangalore, India. Have already made a mark in the Rap music industry with his unique rapping ability in Kanada language. Have done shows in various places. Collaboration with some sought out names in the field of Rap music. He is all getting ready to release his 1st mixtape by 2012.
Rapper BIGDEAL: He is a rapper/singer/beat producer all rolled up in one. He’s from the crew 2MUCH. He believes in getting things done independently so that’s how he does it. And that’s the BIG DEAL.

Ritkwika: Singer, Choreographer, Photographer

Shree Sen: A multi-lingual Rap artist, singer-songwriter, and record producer based out of Bengaluru/ Bangalore. India’s first Bangla RAP artist with a studio album, released at international level. From 2004 till date ShreeSen has been featured in various tracks with maximum number of collaboration around the globe. Second studio album lined up.

R design aka Rezaul Karim Arif, designer of Trinity. He is one of the best graphics designers from Bangladesh who have already been associated with many mainstream Rap artist from Bangladesh as well as few other countries.