Riyadh Rappers come up with a cypher!

Gawky Records – Riyadh City Cypher 2014

Riyadh, Saudia Arabia a place where Music/Hip Hop is not much appreciated, According to Riyadh’s society they found  people of different languages, and made this cypher for the most famous 5 languages in Riyadh. This cypher features Thugzy as Arabic rapper, Traitor as Urdu/Hindi Rapper, The ray as Punjabi Rapper, SYD as Bangali Rapper and the man behind the whole concept M.ZHE as the Punjabi Rapper. This video is directed by one of the most famous Photography and editing master in Riyadh known as Mrq1107 .

[youtube id=”1sJHdh4s89Y” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Big Ups to their efforts and dedication of doing their music! Upping from a place where rules and laws are so strict and still  not leaving Hip Hop! This is real love for Hip Hop!

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