Rihanna’s Work gets an Indian Remix


All South Asian kids who were sent to learn Indian classical dancing may have appreciated an Indian version of Rihanna and Drake’s song Work or something similar from back then in their dance session, giving the original song a desi twist and making Bharatnatyam more contemporary and fun. This could however be something that the kids this generation enjoy if not in a strictly classical dance studio context, in clubs, house parties, hip-hop nights and just as a pure listening and grooving session.

bharatnatyam indian remix fusion work rihanna drake
Work (Indian Remix) Bharatnatyam

While Work is a song that lends the signature Rihanna style to Drake’s subtle but effective involvement in the audio and video, the Indian remix of the song takes it to another level. Choreographed by Chase Constantino and remixed DJ Dattabass with tabla by Shobhit Banwait, it’s a striking sound and visual blend complete with tabla grooves, hip-hop moves and traditional Bharatnatyam. This Indian Dance Remix has gone viral and may not be featuring Rihanna or Drake in the video but the dynamic choreography and the Indian beats have brought it a whole lot of followers.

Chase Constatino who goes by the artist name ChasingLife is a dancer who posts his travel videos and his dance videos. He also runs a South Asian Dance Company in Canada called Broken Dance. Most people are raving about how amazing the video is through comments left on Constantino’s YouTube channel while there still are a few haters who believe the essence of classical dancing is completely lost in the video. No matter what people are saying out there, Chases’ video is getting more hits and the dancing is definitely infectious.