Reggae Rajahs collaborate with African musicians to promote peace


General Zooz from Indian reggae collective, Reggae Rajahs has collaborated with Congolese singer Jehu and his band Solo Indien on a song that promotes unity at a difficult time for Africans living in India.

With an alarming increase in attacks against African people all over India, the song, titled Futur delivers a message of peace and harmony. “Reggae music is about love and togetherness and for this reason, I felt it was important to work together with an Indian reggae singer. We will fight those who promote hate and racial violence with music,” says Jehu, the lead singer of Solo Indien.

reggae rajahs ziggy b general zooz futur

While many African musicians live in India, it is not common for them to work with their Indian counterparts. Most of them have their own bands that play African styles of music. After meeting Jehu, General Zooz was keen to ensure that they worked together on a project. He says, “From Delhi to Bangalore to Goa, African people are baselessly targeted and discriminated against. We can’t let the ignorance of a few filter into the mindset of the masses. India and Africa have a rich history of celebrating each other’s cultures and we want to make sure that continues.”

Futur was produced by Paul Scheneicher at Katharas Recording Studio and the official music video was made by New Delhi based One Duniya Productions.