Rebel Remixes Bohemia & J Hind’s “I Got The Picture”

rebel bohemia get the picture 2

Rebel of KhanArtists is a talented Desi artist hailing from New York. He’s released numerous singles through in the past year, and has been rapping with his crew – KhanArtists – for well over a decade.

Recently, he decided to remix Bohemia‘s song “I Got the Picture – which also features J Hind on the hooks and the last verse – and created a mix that amalgamates two distinct styles of rapping in one track. Bohemia has his hardcore West Coast style with his Punjabi verses, while Rebel pumps out smooth New York style verses with raw energy. I found the song to be dope, and one that Bohemia fans would enjoy.

Listen to ‘Get the Picture’ (UnOfficial REMIX) – Bohemia feat Rebel of KhanArtists