Rebel of KhanArtists drops a Lyrical Thriller – The Alchemist

Rebel of KhanArtists is a talented rapper out of New York. His recent releases raised some eye brows, and impressed his listeners with tracks including Absence (featuring Coke Studio’s Komal Rizvi), Desi Hip Hop, and Back To New York (featuring some of the dopest Desi rappers outta NYC).

His latest release The Alchemist shows what type of a conscious artist Rebel really is. Much like the original novel by Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist is a story of struggle and motivation. Much like his other releases, Rebel takes on the opportunity to remind us to be true to ourselves, and follow our dreams through this single.

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Listen to The Alchemist – Rebel of KhanArtists 

With the release of The Alchemist, Rebel is starting off the busy year ahead with a track that showcases his lyrical skills. In 2016, Rebel plans to release a constant barrage of good new music. With this release, he also took the opportunity to announce his 2016 mixtape – titled Synopsis.

Synopsis is a mixtape that Rebel put his blood, sweat, and tears into. He raps about his experiences and the state of Hip Hop, and it features a host of true New York Hip Hop gurus. Artists like Jasmine Sandlas – who appeared in Coke Studio India, Lazarus, Tragedy KhadafiOutlawz, Chris Rivers – the talented son of Big Pun, A-F-R-O – who was recently featured on VH1’s The Breaks, Ah Murda – Blazin Annex, Radamiz, Blanko, Unknown Mizery, Ali Kulture, Miladic, PakArmz, and his partners in KhanArtists – Awessy, Syckz, Legend, Mass Hood. 

With all these numerous featuring artists, Rebel must have really been grinding it out for the past few months. His work ethic has always been impressive to me, and I respect the fact that composes, produces, writes, and records his own music. As long as he keeps this up, he is bound to reach insane heights!

The Alchemist – Rebel of KhanArtists [Lyric Video/Synopsis EP …#HipHop

-Synopsis EP features Jasmine Sandlas, Lazarus, Tragedy Khadafi, A-F-R-O ( All Flows Reach Out), Chris Rivers, Unknown Mizery, Radamiz (music), Rashi Sood, Pakarmz Blanko and more..-

This is my first solo project and will feature some of the most talented artists of our time. If you like what you hear, please share the video. You can purchase the first single; ‘The Alchemist’ on iTunes:-


-This project will be like nothing you have heard before. Your help and support is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Posted by Rebel of KhanArtists on Sunday, January 17, 2016