RDR gotta “Dream Girl”


RDR aka Rocky Da Rapper, up and coming Hip-Hop artist from Pune drops “Dream Girl”.  As Hip-Hop in India continues to grow it’s roots, we are thrilled to see such raw talent coming out of aspiring artists across the motherland.  We had a chance to catch up with RDR to get the low down on “Dream Girl”, his musical plans for 2012 and some insights on the NepHop  movement – check it out!

Who is RDR? No really, who is he…? “RDR is a small town boy who really grew up in the countryside of a small state Chhattisgarh, a student doin mechanical engineering…as well as rap music as his hobby..representing north east and the nations of Nepal and India to the fullest….cuz I do both Hindi and Nepali rap”
What’s your motivation? “My motivation is money,haters,fake people,true love, eminem, tupac,50cent and day to day life – that’s what motivates me to do my music and to be a better person”
What are your plans for your music? “After my engineering….completely goin down in to music scene, I got ma producer down in the UK hookin up with dub hip hop (dubstep/hiphop) in future and sound engineering for sure…will try to make it big time “
What is Nephop? “It’s a term for Nepalese Hip Hop Nepsydaz were the pioneers of Nephop.  Now you can find lots of Nephop artists down in Asia and UK getting famous.  I represent it because I belong to this category also Desi Hip Hop.  My track Across The Room (Alisha) was a big hindi rap hit people remember me by that track.  Nephop has some pretty good artists and mostly the genre matches the New Skool scene”
Anything you’d like to tell your fans? “Well I will just like to say to my fans….I accept everyone as my homie…i’m down to earth…I feel happy when my music is appreciated and I will be coming up wit lots of international collaborations and sick music.  My next song with local emcess from Pune and Mumbai will be comin down to speakers near you soon…stay tuned”