RDB going to end – Manj Leaves

Manj Leaves RDB


Have you guys heard about this, this doesn’t sound good Manj is really leaving RDB the world famous group Rhythm Dhol Bass. Earlier in  2012  they lost their beloved brother Kuly because of brain tumour but they didn’t stopped working. They even gained more popularity working for their brother’s name. They also did the last project what Kuly thought off was collaborating with an international artist and creating a groundbreaking song for their fans. RDB collaborated with T-Pain last year in Daddy Da Cash song and it hit the charts.

What will happen to RDB now ? Are they going to end ? What will Surj do now ? There are a lots of questions in my mind & even their fans have lots of questions for them.


Manj released an official statement on Facebook that he is going to leave RDB and start his own Solo career in the music industry. You can take a look at the official statement by Manj on Facebook.

” To each and every RDB fan around the world. I wanted to make sure that you heard it from me that I have decided to launch as an independent artist. It has been the most incredible journey over the last 10 years and I have achieved more things than I could have ever dreamed possible. I would like to let our fans know that having fulfilled the vision of my older brother Kuly by releasing the last Kuly-produced song Daddy Da Cash feat T-Pain and with Surj (the business manager for RDB) getting recently married to his beautiful wife, I feel it’s the right time to focus my energy and concentrate on both my solo career through the MANJ Musik brand as well as Nindy’s continued growth as an artist. Thanks to all of you guys, for your support, your dedication and your love;, you have changed our lives forever and we wouldn’t be where we are today without you. Finally, I hope you will continue to support Nindy and me in our future musical endeavours as we aspire to build on Kuly’s dream. I want to thank anyone who has ever been involved with us in some way or another. You have done more for us than you’ll ever know. As always we will continue to support each other and I hope you will enjoy watching us grow individually in our new chapters going forward. We hope you can look back and remember all the great moments that you have been responsible for. All that’s left to say is you are truly the best fans in the world and I will always love you. We have more projects in Bollywood, new singles and of course Nindys album and my new single on the go, so get ready, and get excited, because the music is still alive!”

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