Raxstar, 789 Crew – Jadoo

Raxstar recently collaborated with 789 Crew to create a masterpiece! The latest song is a smooth song with some amazing hooks by 789 Crew. Raxstar takes the beat and makes it his own with his rap verses. Raxstar’s recently released track, ‘Ego’, had a sprinkle of Punjabi vocals, including a Punjabi chorus by Raxstar himself, highlight the unique nature of this record. It is like nothing you have heard before, from this artist or anybody else.

Raxstar is from Luton Town (England), He has been rapping since 2000-2001 and it’s more than 10 years of experience in music industry. He has a big Facebook fan base of over 50,000 fan’s following him. Raxstar debut into asian music in 2005 with his song “Keep It Undercover”, And it hits asian charts and he got more fans from asian music industry too. His song “Keep It Undercover” got featured on BBC Radio 1 airplay (Bobby Friction & Nihal) which gave it a push into asian industry. Sunit is his musical partner who produces all of his songs and the beats are quite amazing.

Watch 789 Crew Ft Raxstar – Jadoo

[youtube id=”z4T5W_Vb9eE” width=”600″ height=”350″]