Rappers Set The Stage On Fire In ‘The Hum Hip Hop Project’

Rappers Set The Stage On Fire In ‘The Hum Hip Hop Project’

DesiHipHop.com and The Humming Tree located in Bangalore present to you The Hum Hip Hop Project. The first edition of this project took place on Wednesday, 19 August in which talented performers from the crews Macchas With Attitude (M.W.A) and Low Rhyderz showcased their talents.

For those of you unaware of these crews, MWA was formed way back in the year 1999 and the artists belonging to the crew named Big Nikk, Brodha V and Smokey the Ghost  have offered the Kannada, Tamil and Bollywood music industry with various popular tracks.

Low Rhyderz is another popular band from Bangalore with Xstacy Sash, Main-E-Yak, Charles Dickenson and King Jassim as the crew members. These artists have collaborated with legendary artists like Lucky Ali and even performed with Snoop Dogg’s DJ ! They even dropped a track with Bishop Lamont, a former artist who was under Dr. Dre. The crew has entertained the audiences through the country by perfoming in more than 500 shows so far!

King Jassim, Smokey the GhostXstacy Sash and  Bolt Assaults had entertained the audiences with their performances while marking the beginning of The Hum Hip Hop Project. For those of you who don’t know Bolt Assaults  hails from Delhi and he has been in the game since 2005, he recently came out with a banger titled ‘Circus Doors‘.

We even got candid with King Jassim and brought you an exclusive interview with this amazing Reggae artist. On asking him about his entire experience while performing at The Hum Hip Hop show, he quoted “I think its a great initiative where music becomes the priority .. I had a great time on stage. The concept is fresh to Bangalore. Hope it grows well.” Here’s a better insight about this talented soul:

Q.1 How did you end up becoming a Reggae artist?

Ans: Well reggae got me into it naturally .. It touched me. It moved me.

Q.2 What were your influences and inspirations?

Ans: Music that came my way in 90s from various sources. Bob Marley, Shaggy, Diana King, Dr. Alban, Lucky Ali, Apache Indian prominently. These were main inspirations to become an artist, and then there has been various influences not limiting to just music, for me as a creator.

Q.3 What all did you face while growing up as an artist?

Ans: I faced a lot of dismissals from all sides and a lot of negativity. But the appreciations & love from strangers mostly fueled my journey.

Q.4 What is your latest Hindi reggae track all about?

Ans: My latest Hindi track ‘Samjha Kya’ is about taking a moment or an attempt to understand life, nature, universe or the purpose of it. And at this stage of my life, I would say, few things must be left to the most high, since we’ll never be able to completely understand things. At the same time I am attempting to bring authentic reggae/ raggamuffin to India with the languages people understand here. Hence I am talking about reggae and also that this has to be done now, before its late.

Q.5 What does Reggae culture mean to you?

 Ans: Reggae culture according to me is the most suited remedy for current social sufferings and evils. Its fun, its simple and grounded, it promotes great values & message. The system has always taught us to race forward. But reggae teaches us to abolish that preserve life nourishing elements & lead a great happy life.

Q.6 What else do you do apart from making music?

Ans: Pursuing other interests like organic farming, painting, reading, cooking, traveling, speaking to public and so on.

Q.7 What’s your take on the prevailing Reggae and Hip-Hop scenario in the India and all over the world according to you?

Ans: I think its a great time for hip hop & reggae provided a revival spirit is maintained and the real warriors are sent to the forefront. As much as I see it being degenerated by some, there is great hope looking at few enlightened minds. India is just starting to party to these as always a bit later than rest of the world.
Q. 8 Any message for the upcoming artists?
Ans: Work hard on your skills. Keep in mind that there is a serious purpose now to be fulfilled gracefully , if you have decided to be an artist. Stay righteous and let your work speak & ignore negativity. Stay open to learning every time. Maintain zero ego. Be a part of the solution & not the problem in this beautiful world ( I think there us still beauty left )