Rapper Siz – MTV Road To Love

Rapper Siz – MTV Road To Love
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Who is Rapper Siz? “Shivank Joshi is the full name and in the underground rap world I am SIZ s=serious i = insane z = zeal! I come from a small town Dehradun and am a mass communications student with high aspirations, I also host shows n events!”
What is your Motivation?

Which artists Inspire you? 
“my inspiration comes from Bohemia, Honey Singh
What do you have coming up for 2012?

Anything you wanna tell your fans? 
“My message to the fans as that an Indian citizen I got freedom of speech and through medium of rap I am making my words go global! Your kind love and support is my power so keep loving me and supporting as i am trying to bring our inner feelings alive through rap!”

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About The Show
MTV Yamaha Road to Love is a show that brings two lovers, that fate has cruelly separated, by distance and gives one of them a chance to prove their love for the other. So, one lover is going to get on a Yamaha Fazer bike, accompanied by a friend who will be his trusted pillion, and ride to the love of his life. Along the way, the lover will perform 3 tasks that will earn him/her a comfortable night’s stay and gifts for their loved one. In the end, they will be united with their lover, having travelled over 250 kms to meet them.

The Grand Finale
Every beginning must have an end. Be it a story, a journey or even a road to love. We’ve followed 11 lovers go through grueling tasks and create bollywood-esque films just to put a smile on their partners face and now we’ve reached the climax of our season. ‘Inspector’ Rohit, ‘Rowdy’ Rakesh & ‘Bevdas’ Shivank will now battle it out in our Grand Finale. This time, they won’t be alone. They’ll have the company of their girlfriends and try and defeat the dastardly Pyar Ka Dushman! Powerful Dialogues, Death-defying tasks and Hair Raising Make-up finally leads up to a spectacular Masala film! So tune in to MTV this Sunday, the 18th of November at 7.30pm to see the Grand Finale of MTV Yamaha Road to Love!