Raplust – My City (Prod. Kashar)

Raplust – My City, My Country (Produced by Kashar)

Raplust – My City (Prod. Kashar)


Hersh Pithwa aka Raplust is an independent rapper from New Delhi city. He started performing rapping in Clubs, Malls & Disco’s. In 2011 at IIPM Fest he has worked with the world famous band RDB. Raplust is a English hip-hop rapper he has come up with many songs in the past. McDappear mixed “My City, My country” song. He describes about his city whats happening, whats going on in his city these days. Raplust performed this so well and he took out a chance  so the people will know about New Delhi in his rap song. He describes how the crime like Rape, Fight, Politicians Scam is increasing in India and his city. No Indian rapper earlier took a theme song like he did & it is a good start for another kind of Hip-Hop Culture/Community. Hip Hop is not about just rapping it’s about how we represent a situation a theme our words. Take a look at his song and comment about it in the box below. We would love to hear what you guys think about this.

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Title : My City, My Country!
Produced by : Kashar
Mixed & Mastered by : MC Dappear
Directed by : R@PLU$T & Gauren
Video Compilation & Processing by : Mayankesh Ranjan (http://www.mayankeshranjan.com)
Album : Reality Bites

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