Rap Engineers – Platonic Intervention


Rap Engineers drop “PLATONIC INTERVENTION” a remix on Timbaland’s beat ‘Say It Right’ for Nelly Furtardo with the original version for scheduled to release on the upcoming album ‘GREEN MACHINES’. This track is not a typical love song, its about our bond with the ‘Supreme Power’ which we forget in our daily life, but HE still remembers.

Rap Engineers are signature hip-hop crew from Islamabad, Pakistan since 2005, consisting of three members, Xpolymer Dar, Maddy Khan and Yaruq Malik. The name of the crew clearly suggests that the band is experimental and is more focused in blending different genres with pure hip-hop. Rap Engineers are one of the pioneers of Hip Hop with in sub continent and the only crew to make it to the mainstream. The band became significantly popular with its single ‘Conflict Management’ that made it to the top videos of 2011 in all music channels in Pakistan. Rap Engineers are mostly famous for their live shows across Pakistan and representing the street culture and true picture of the current scenario.

The Urdu Lyrics are from a Ghazal written by ‘Ahmed Faraz’ for a ghazal sung by Masood Malik (Late). Punjabi lyrics are yet another addition to ‘Sufi Rap’ introduced by Xpolymer Dar.
Composed by Yaruq Masood Malik/Xpolymer Dar.  Check out “Platonic Intervention” below and drop your feedback!