Rajotto’s 2nd Album #DASHOTTO Out Now


Rajotto’s back! The Hip Hop duo of Towfique (aka CK Toff) and Faisal Roddy is back with their 2nd official album in the market. Their first project, titled “Rajotto” was a hit among listeners all over Bangladesh. Their music is usually a great crossover between various genres of music all wrapped up together to make their albums. Their second album, titled “Dashotto”, is also expected to be similar. With music about the political status of Bangladesh, they do a great job at giving a voice to the larger population. Their first album had numerous eye-opening singles, and Towfique used his lyrical skills to spit some poetic justice on every single track that he’s been on. Dashotto is expected to be similar in content, full of thought-provoking lyrics giving life to the struggles faced by the regular person. The album also features a single with Stoic Bliss’ Kazi Rahman.

Dashotto is set to drop on February 21st, be sure to grab your copy!

Some of their previous hit singles

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