#SlyckReview : Raga – ‘Paapi Aadmi’


Raga is back with a fresh tune, ‘Paapi Aadmi‘. The track is a different refix of Kanye West’s, ‘BLKKK SKKKN HEAD‘. This guy has yet again exceeded expectations and has also gone ahead to display his versatility. For the past few days the Jamnapaar native had been active on social media informing everyone about his upcoming release.


Almost every Raga track you expect a baffling delivery along with punches and metaphors which leave you astounded, this track is a little different. The track still leaves you surprised and impressed but it is the way he has approached the track. It can be easily seen that he was predetermined to give something different to the listeners.

Usually a tongue-twisting multiple syllable delivering Raga decided to slow down a bit show his capability to breakdown his lyrics. One thing to learn from his track is the different vocal textures he uses to differentiate in the emphasis of his delivery.

Raga chose the instrumental very wisely and it allowed him to use the beat as a canvas and paint a picture with words. One thing which might have made the vocals a little thicker is maybe the addition of another stack of vocals or maybe just ad-libs to bring out the terminal syllable of a bar.

Like always though, Raga did not disappoint and I hope that he drops a video for this track. Check out the track right here :