RAFTAAR says F U, We agree!

Man sometimes you just want to salute, and hug RAFTAAR for the content he drops. It’s substantial, heavy and deep. Yet, at the same time its a slap to all the fakesters out there. I don’t even want to take names here because they know what time it is, it is REAL-o-clock no fake hands. The timing is right for Raftaar to drop this brand new banger, which uses Eminem’s “8 Mile” beat (8 Mile the song, not the movie).

Watch Raftaar’s “F U”

He starts out with his stuff  and takes it to levels where he tells people its easy for him to use the F word because its youtube and the fact that he’s in India, not LA, so he raps in his own way, and doesn’t copy any one else. He went on to express his respect for Bohemia “Paji” because he’s the big bro when it comes to Desi Hip Hop. I can’t agree further. There’s a reason why I played the track three times in a row and couldn’t stop feeling what the brother is saying. I can only wish for RAFTAAR to do a concert in Pakistan and get rid of all the BS that has been instilled in our minds.

The track ends with the fact that all these boys and girls listen to basic s*it and listen to it to learn it so once they are done from school, RAFTAAR and his crew can make them do a PhD in Hip Hop. RIP to all that’s fake, Real is what we rake and take.

Watch the dope video and check for yourself, it’s very nicely done and extremely entertaining. It can be summed up in 1 simple word: D O P E. What do you think?