Raftaar Goes from Zero to Infinity

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He wanted to do it all and do it all by himself and now it’s happening. Rapper Dilin Nair aka Raftaar claims that his work so far has been a string of collaborations. Known for songs such as Swag Mera Desi (which won the ‘Best Urban Song’ at the Britasia Music Awards, 2014) to his well known promotion music video for Vodafone U, Raftaar is now all set to release his musical gems on the next album titled Zero to Infinity. He will release singles from the album through the year and unveil the fill album end of 2016. Raftaar’s idea with this album was to not only rap but also tap into his production skills. The 27-year- old will not only write and deliver the songs but will also record it in his studio. A project that is very close to his heart, the album as the title reflects is his musical journey from nothing to achieving everything he wanted to.

raftaar instagram love zero to infinity

The rapper was part of Yo Yo Honey Singh’s lead group called Mafia Mundeer which was born in 2010. Raftaar, a composer and rapper hailing from Kerala, left an impact on his audience and after splitting with Mafia Mundeer, continued to journey on into Bollywood while carving his own identity through his releases which include collaborations with the likes of RDB (Rhythm, Dhol, Bhangra) Zero to Infinity, which documents the musician’s life and his struggles to get to this place sounds like an inspirational and personal offering. Raftaar has finished composing eight songs for the album and is planning the release of his first single at the moment.