Raekwon & Gangis Khan Plan Indian Tour

A YouTube clip has recently emerged of Wu Tang Clan’s Raekwon and newly signed rapper Gangis Khan sitting in the offices of Ice H20, proposing a tour featuring both performers in India.

“He’s representing that Indian culture of hip-hop to the fullest.” says Raekwon. “Get ready, got a lot of love for you all. I never been out there yet, but can’t wait to go out there. Cause you know my brother is always telling me when you get out, they gonna love you, they gonna embrace you, so we coming.”

He went on to add:

“But he gonna see what up first. He gonna show love to the people to let ’em know, yo I’m bringing my brother Raekwon through. Y’all wanna see the Wu come out there one day, ’cause we ain’t been to India yet.”

Gangis pitched in by filling in details of the proposed tour:

“I’m gonna definitely do my thing in Bombay, that’s where I’m from. Mumbai city you know. Gonna try and get out to Pune, try to go out to Goa, you know, Delhi, Bangalore (…) All the people in India, we coming real soon baby. Gonna bring the chef out with me the next time around. He may even come out this time around, if it gets slimey out there, you know what I mean?”

“We definately coming though” – Raekwon