Push Asks ‘What Up’

Still plowing thorugh his daily drops, Push aka Shawn Cayce is up to drop 29 and this one is titled “What Up?”

Again, great quality, a fine production, and lyrics that make an impact create a great track.


When we asked Push what sparked the daily drops he told us, “The daily drops were a complete accident. After my 7th mixtape I decided not to release my 8th mixtape, which I had done by December or January, and my friend caught me listening to it, and he just said, ‘so you really just finna keep this shit to yourself?’ I really didn’t find it necessary to release music because I honestly felt satisfied with what the public has already received from me. Music has always been about me venting and feeling at peace with my journey in life, and I really didn’t feel it necessary if people knew about what’s going on with me or not at that moment.”

Push goes on to tell DesiHipHop.com “So, I was listening to my unreleased tape and I came across this song that had no chorus, and I just got up and hit the mic and sang the hook to the first daily drop on the stop, and I just felt so juiced about it that I just put the song out, and said “daily drop!” After my friend heard it, he just asked, “so you’re gonna drop a song a day?” And I liked the sound of that, so I started pumping out tracks. Unfortunately, my interface broke shortly after, so at the moment I can’t record new music, but I’ve made so much music, that I can go another 150 days without recording anything, and still be solid. Plus the series is only going for a 100 days.”

Enjoy “What Up.”