I Am (Punjabi Remix) – Guru Lahori, Mohan Singh, Suraj – Prod by TaZzZ


Guru Lahori just dropped a banger with Mohan Singh & Suraj, and of course, it was produced by the original producer for the song – TaZzZ. The trio went ham on the mic to represent Punjabis worldwide, and created a song which everyone can appreciate no matter where they are from.

I AM the original song was composed by TaZzZ featuring the ever-famous Humble The Poet RaxstarTaZzZ is one of the best music composers in the industry right now & this original song was released in 2012. Clearly, Guru Lahori, Mohan Singh & Suraj felt the need to re-create the hit song and collaborated together for a Punjabi fusion mix of this song.

Enough talk, time to pump up your volumes and check out this banger!

Listen to “I Am (Punjabi Remix) – Guru Lahori, Mohan Singh, Suraj