Punjab State of Mind! – AK

Punjab is better known for it’s 5 rivers as the name ‘Punj-aab’ resembles the same. Punj means 5 and aab means river. But theses day another river can be seen floating in Punjab, yes the sixth river, which is of Drugs. This is a crucial reality. Drugs plaguing the Punjabi youth but no one seems to worry about it other than AK a.k.a Amazing. Not only drugs, there are several other problems in Punjab and AK being brave enough to face the criticism released a song ‘Punjab State of Mind’. Ak picked up issues like drugs, farmers suicides and farmers selling their lands in this song.

AK aka Amazing alias Amandeep Kang was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. On his YouTube channel, AkakaAmazing currently has over a 100,000 subscribers. But it all started when he was free at home during his school holidays. AkakaAmazing was working at Costco and found that he still had a significant part of the day where he was idle. So while just web surfing on YouTube he found artists like Humble the Poet. He found this to be pretty interesting and noticed this turbaned guy who was rapping hard and had many followers.

Since there was already an Indian community presence on the net so he did a small video without expecting much out of it. Next morning there were over a thousand views on YouTube. He put up his second video and the response was even greater. Soon after putting out a bunch of videos AkakaAmazing was offered the partnership program by YouTube . He got certain incentives from YouTube and also met up with Humble the Poet. Soon he discovered other YouTube artist like iisuperwomanii and started creating good original content. AkakaAmazing got even more famous with his ‘Living In A Brown Fam’ series release.

Punjab State of Mind!

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