Presenting the Brand New Desi Hip Hop started as a simple concept, a splash page with a sign up link for people to connect with our Founder, in what at the time, was a nascent desi hip hop scene with only a few players and even fewer mainstream stories. The first site was a basic wordpress template blog with no fancy plugins, we updated it from time to time but we always knew it was far from our vision of what our platform should look like.

We’re delighted to present our brand new platform and identity redesign, the first in the last 4 years. Conscious with the fact we’re representing entire nations, along with a culture and lifestyle steeped in history and traditions, we had to come correct.

The new platform has a simple yet effective menu structure on the left of the page to allow Desi Hip Hop fans from and followers all around the world to quickly and easily find content by category (News, Music, Video, Underground, Events & more to come). As Desi Hip Hop culture spans continents and languages, visitors can also select by region or language to see content suited to them.

We’ve got a lot more music, videos and content planned over the coming months. From curated mixtapes to regional web-shows, featured videos to interviews and exclusive content with all the top and up and coming artists from the genre.

The new platform launch is a massive deal for us, it’s the first stage in a larger plan to take DHH from being just an online blog to something that can drive and support an entire movement. It hasn’t been an easy ride this far, in a media industry that is extremely competitive and well funded, our tiny operation, fueled by very little money in comparison but a hell of a lot of passion and dedication, rose to become the largest online community dedicated to Desi Hip Hop culture. Now we’d like to see where we can go with it, and we need you with us!

We’ll leave you with this; we’re working on some really exciting things for the rest of 2016 and in to 2017, can’t say too much but wouldn’t it be amazing for there to be a festival dedicated to Desi Hip Hop and a label whose sole purpose was to nurture and develop DHH talent…?

We’re constantly looking to improve what we do so if you have any feedback for us we’d love to hear it.


The DHH Team