Prabh Deep asks the new emcees to “INTRODUCE YOURSELF”


Prabh Deep asks the new emcees to “INTRODUCE YOURSELF”

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New Delhi alongside being the capital of the India is also making attempts become the capital of Hip-Hop in the country. Prabh Deep seems to be a firm believer in the fact and it seems he will not lose hope, atleast not anytime soon.

Prabh deep is now a name in the underground scene and is known specifically for his multifaceted personality. A rapper, producer, b-boy and also a film maker is also the host of his own cypher series called, Old School Cypher. Prabh deep has recently started a concept called, “Introduce Yourself” to promote the culture in New Delhi and it was received warmly. The turn up was huge and we are waiting for the videos.

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We caught up with Prabh Deep and he explained what his vision was :

Q1. How is the current New Delhi hip hop scene ?
A1. If you talk about Hip Hop, delhi is on the rise. We talking over. Not because of we have dope tracks but we have events happening in delhi of every element.

Q2. Please tell us a little about, “INTRODUCE YOURSELF”
A2. Introduce Yourself is little initiative by myself for emcees having fun in the circle (cypher) and exchange knowledge because there is no such events in delhi for the emcees. I hope the circle will be big in few years.

Q3. How was the experience and how was the response from the crowd ?
A3. Best experience on my life. I saw hip hop heads very happy to be there. Everyone enjoying their elements. There were bboys, emcees, Dj, graffiti artist and beatboxers. All the elements under one roof. Whole vibe was crazy. Video will be out soon.

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Q4. what is the importance of such events and when is the next edition happening ?
A4. Events like this is playing bigger part in the scene because this is the only time when different element come together and people from outside hip hop want to be a part of it. Next edition of Introduce Yourself will be december hopefully. Thanks to my crew Agnastik for making this thing possible and Sez also he played important role out there.
I am looking forward to some emcees work. There was a guy Ekasha who won Introduce Yourself. This dude dont have money to record but he is talented like real talented. So i would like to hear from these kind of people more, instead of some rich guys who dont know shit about music.

Q5. what do you want to say to the people who are looking upto you ?
A5. I just wanna say keep it real, your music should reflect your personality. How you walk, eat, talk live, these things matter in Hip Hop because its more like a lifestyle. We live it. A sincere request to the fake rappers do not mess it up with your shitty music.