Poetik Justis- Take Over

The take over by Poetik Justis 

After a long gap , Poetik Justis is back with a freeverse, Preety dope track. Poetik spat rhymes over the Rap God beat by Eminem and no doubt he killed it! He gave shout out to Brassic, Ragged, Speed-Ice and Srik ,Enkore, Divine, Noxious-D, Youngsta Ash, Hardknok, Sandman, Brotha V, MC Heam, Kinga Rhymes, Infamous, Kav-E in his track!

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After this free verse , people are expecting for his free album “Greatness”  Poetik justis Says that he might drop it the end of June or July maybe!

Till then lets Enjoy Take over-

San Cha

Insane [Prod. Stimey Beats]