Poetik Justis drops “Voices in the Wild”


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Poetik Justis dropped his album, “GREATNESS” a few weeks ago and has been enjoying it’s success in the underground. He recently went to play live on VH1 show Music Diaries Grammy episode.

If bars are a disease then this emcee is infected and thats what makes him sick. Constantly setting the bar high, he releases his new video, “Voices in the Wild. Check it out here :

Here is what says about the track in his album :

“Acceptance. Every soul seeks acceptance in the sense that one has done what it takes to create or destroy. We try to fit in when we’re outcast. We distance ourselves from ourselves. Give in to our vices and virtues, tell lies that sound true. But in the process, we live and we learn. We destroy ourselves to build ourselves and such is life. Follow your instincts, run where your heart tells you to and pay heed to these voices. These voices in the wild.”