‘Pariyaan Di Rani’ Sunny Boy feat. Haji Springer Out Now!

‘Pariyaan Di Rani‘ by Sunny Boy featuring Haji Springer is out now! The two artists collaborated together to create a banger that’s not only unique but has the ability to get the party started wherever it’s played.

Watch Sunny Boy (feat. Haji Springer) – Pariyaan Di Rani

[youtube id=”aBxjF4WCdEY” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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Sunny Boy broke into the Desi Hip Hop scene at the end of 2014 when he released “Skinny Jeans, produced by Haji Springer. The song became one of the most well known urban songs in the genre, and broke the artist to new fans around the globe. Fans and artists admired Sunny Boy‘s vocals and skills on the mic. Some dubbed him as the new ‘Imran Khan’, others said he is capable of bringing something new and unique in the urban music scene. After the success of Skinny Jeans, Haji Springer joined in to create ‘Pariyaan Di Rani’ where he not only produced it but also lent his vocals for a rap verse.

The brand new single by Sunny Boy shows how much he has been working for the past few months. The song, produced by Haji Springer, has the perfect vibes to turn a simple night out into a dope party. The bass, the music, the vocals, and the rap verses, all work together to create a perfect harmony for fans to enjoy. Check it out above, and share your thoughts with us about ‘Pariyaan Di Rani‘.


Haji Springer‘s full length album, ‘Survivor‘, was released on January 30th. Since then, the album became a fan favorite and a hit. Featured on iTunes, Survivor quickly became one of the dopest Desi Hip Hop albums out there. If you haven’t heard Survivor yet, you’re asleep, or stuck under a rock somewhere in the Gobi desert. Order your copy of the explicit version or grab it on itunes.