The ‘hk’ Return with ‘Paper and Me’ Featuring Swisha V

Mohali Bridage’s Vansh Mankoo aka The ‘hk’ is back in the game after the span of 3 months with his latest track “Paper and Me”‘ featuring with Swisha V.

Swisha V is the newest emcee on the block and did a good job on this track. On the other hand, we have undisputed Desi rap king, The ‘hk’ who dominated the AMA 2011 Awards Nominations, who is back to regain his postion in the game. It’s a song describing a couple, how the guy dumps his love for his dreams, and money ,whereas the girl gave in her everything in the relationship. Hence, at the end, he regrets.

Check out this song and let us know if you think The ‘hk’ makes a powerful comeback.