Pakistan’s Ode to Underground Hip Hop – Omar Hassan


Pakistan based director Omar Hassan is thrilled about his upcoming film called Dance Kahani. The film is set in Pakistan and explores the hip-hop communities in the country and stars hip-hop artists across Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Islamabad and Lahore.

pakistani film dance kahani scottist actor
Madeleine Hanna

Dance Kahani features Scottish actor Madeleine Hannah who plays the lead role of a British born girl who has to leave her dream of becoming a professional ballerina behind when her family decides to move back to Pakistan. The storyline goes from Madeleine trying to cope in the new environment by looking for some form of dance to keep her dream going and her finding an underground hip hop group.

According to Omar Hassan, Pakistan is big when it comes to TV dramas but there aren’t many people who know about the existing subcultures in the country and this hasn’t been explored on the big screen. The director has also introduced new artists through the film and feels there is a lot of talent in the country that needs to be heard. He discovered this DHA based hip hop group that would come to this club and dance for two hours every day. This was the main inspiration that eventually breathed life into the film.

Omar Hassan’s goal with the film is not just exploring the underground hip hop scene in Pakistan, although that remains the main focus, the common thread that he thinks the audience will connect with is how dreams can become reality, that everyone has the right to dream and should dare to dream and there are always ways for these dreams to come true and become a part of their real life.