Pak Man’s “Lyrical Warfare” Official Video Droppin’ Soon!


Pak Man – the man with the lyrical wizardry, the man whose play on words could make Shakespeare jealous, the man whose flow is so ill he makes medicine sick! Okay, enough with the cheesy lines. Any one who’s heard Pak Man any where knows what he’s capable of on the mic. This man is a born emcee, and he decided to bless the mic by recording some of his poetry. I’ve been listening to his artistic work for a long time and I can truly say that I’ve never been disappointed. His flow on ‘LaLaLa’ featuring I-Khan had me listening to that track over & over again, and when he released ‘Don’t Stop’ I was hooked for life! Pak Man has released countless other singles that caught listeners’ attention.

Lyrical Warfare Music Video Droppin’ August 1st!

The best part of all this is, Pak Man is releasing a new music video of his song “Lyrical Warfare”. Lyrical Warfare was hosted by the legendary DJ Green Lantern who’s hosted mixtapes for artists from all over. DJ Green Lantern worked with Eminem, Jadakiss, and so many other top notch artists that the list goes on and deserves a separate article in itself! “Lyrical Warfare” is an official single off of his new mixtape droppin’ really soon. More on that really soon.

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Pak Man’s “Lyrical Warfare” Mixtape is also en queue to drop on August 8th, exactly one week after the video. So watch this space for more from this talented lyrical wordsmith!