P.A.K.I – The B.A.D


P.A.K.I – The B.A.D


The Burban music scene is getting ready to welcome brand new, breakthrough artist THE B.A.D. who’s set to challenge and provoke audiences with the release of his debut, controversially titled single, P.A.K.I.

An acronym for ‘Pride Attitude Killer Instinct’, P.A.K.I. tackles the pervasive issues of race and identity which are ingrained in society, even today. The new single takes a reflective look at the Britain’s multicultural society and analyses the level of tolerance for ethnic minority communities.

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THE B.A.D., real name Kash Chaudhary, was inspired by his own story; growing up at the intersection of the 80s and 90s in Britain as the son of an immigrant, the talented rapper used his confusion over his dual identity as a source of inspiration. Growing up never truly understanding where ‘home’ is resulted in dissociation with both countries; realising he was neither classified as English in England and nor a Pakistani in Pakistan. THE B.A.D. has experienced the true depths of the Asian immigrant experience in the UK, suffering discrimination from both facets of his identity.

Growing up in North West London, THE B.A.D. was left to battle the racial tensions inflicted on both himself and his family, often on the receiving end of the offensive term ‘Paki’. Instead of retaliating with violence and aggression, THE B.A.D. has chosen to take his natural musical talents and utilise them as a weapon. His debut track is a direct response to past and existing racism in today’s society.


The track’s title P.A.K.I. cleverly turns the racist term on its head, making it instead, an acronym to represent the acceptance of identity and strength. Speaking openly about the British Asian immigration experience, THE B.A.D. reclaims and rebrands the word which has been used to demean, alienate and discriminate against himself and his family. THE B.A.D.’s topical and controversial references are certainly not for the feint-hearted, as he holds no punches when addressing his adversaries.

THE B.A.D. is a fresh addition to the up and coming Burban scene of British Asian Artists who are setting the streets ablaze with progressive music. It won’t be long before THE B.A.D. is soon at the forefront of the scene with his powerful new single – a perfect blend of thought-provoking, explosive lyrics and dubstep.

The track is taken from his forthcoming album, Pride Attitude and Killer Instinct, set to release in early September 2014.

P.A.K.I releases on Monday 12th May via iTunes and other digital stores.

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