30 Feets of graffiti on the streets of Mumbai

You might have seen huge graffitis in some music video of Rap artists from abroad or in some Hollywood movies but now you can find such beautiful scenes in Mumbai atoo, Mini Park, Sherly Rajan Rd, Near Rizvi College is the place.

Outlaw graffiti jam 2014, Mumbai Organized by zake(D.I.S crew) supported by tony who is always willing to help young artist and Zake’s second crew beastmode . It was zake’s concept to organize it. The graff jam like last year but the location was so good that he included breaking and rap also.this year there were a few friends( german writers) here for painting and chilling so zake thought its a good opportunity to have a jam with them and educate the younger generation in india about graffiti ,hip hop in general. There were no Participants as such . It was a free jam so ppl were free to do anything..more than 16 writers showed up in the jam including writers from d.i.s crew from mumbai. Jbcb Jukebox cowboys from Germany and diZydelhi . There was a rap cypher bboy jam some bmx and skateboarders from beastmode crew who jammed together under one roof 2 parallel walls 30feet long were painted in one day Some well known artists like zake enkore ninja mumbais finest kav e etc were present at the event People were mobbing the place ..for a free jam with no sponsors people showed up in unexpected numbers and appreciated us for a wonderful jam. The locals were helpful and interested Zake said ” In the future we try to have more jams like this in the future with crowd funding projects and sponsore”

graffiti-outlaw-cypher cypher-graffiti-mumbai-artists cypher-audio-mumbai-finestgraffiti-open-cypher

Cypher audio-