Outlandish – My Old Man


The band which made you sway with Aicha has been around in a minute. They are finally back with My Old Man. The title is self explanatory that it is a track for all the dads around the world.

my old man outlandish new song
Outlandish – My Old Man

Outlandish is known for having a very unique vibe and it is their signature sound which has helped them get a huge organic following. Always known to make inspirational and meaningful music, “My Old Man” is no different. This was dropped around a week before Father’s Day and the track has a lot of things which a son/daughter does not directly say to his/her father but are universally felt by every child.

Daddy used to struggle from the start
Never giving up
…Run al lie
Bring that money home
Boy don’t cry
No limit to the sky
Hold on, hold on to the rope
That’s our only hope

The track is complimented with a beautiful lyric video which has various photos present and you cannot help but reminisce the good times with your Old Man. Outlandish has been making music since 1997 and nineteen years later they are still true to their love for music which can be seen in this track.