Official Press Release for “Lately” by Jay Deala


Official Press Release for “Lately” by Jay Deala

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In preparation for the release of the most anticipated international debut album from the South Asian community in recent history, Jay Deala brings you his 4th video single “Lately”.  The excitement for the release of the album entitled Sincerely Jay Deala continues to gain momentum and will be released early 2013. After releasing hits like “Summertime” and “Serious” and “Vida Tropical” the urban desi phenom known as Jay Deala has put the world on blast and has not only become one of the most significant and successful artists in the international South Asian Urban scene but also has established his significance in mainstream hip-hop.

“Lately” features R&B sensation GEEK and another rapper from Toronto SF Merlo.   This track is inspired by the certain situation or space and feeling of finally reaping the rewards of hard work and consistent effort.   Not to imply that the grind is over, the grind continues and always will, but having it all under control, moving in the right direction and getting the job done is winning in itself.  There is nothing wrong with basking in your accomplishments and enjoying the moment of where you are from where you have been or come from.  Sometime you just need to enjoy the ride.

Another smash hit produced by Phantom Beats, Jay Deala’s smooth delivery and deep tone relaxed flow fits perfectly in the pocket of the harmonious union of sub-woofer crushing bass, sharp crisp kicks and a soothing pattern of piano chords.  The bridge and hooks masterfully and soulfully delivered by GEEK really brings out intense emotion and feeling throughout the whole track.  Social and economic pressures of everyday life simply freeze for a moment when listening to this track.  “Lately” by Jay Deala is simply just a great feel good track.

Electric Mango Films where responsible for the vision and amazingly captured the message of being on the grind, working hard and reaping the benefits of that hard work in the long wrong.  Visuals have been portrayed in a 1950’s setting and were colour corrected perfectly to the nostalgia of high society from that time frame.  Verdi Banquet Halls was transformed into sets similar to a Hollywood style movie shoot in order to complete this video and a special recognition and appreciation goes out to all the cast and crew involved in being a part of the creation of such an amazingly fantastic unique video.

Available from all major digital distributors worldwide or visit
Video Release Party Saturday November 10th 2012 @ VUE Nightclub in Toronto Ontario Canada
All radio contacts and DJ’s please email for clean playable version of track